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Our mission is to provide quality education to young learners without compromising beliefs and values to establish their spiritual, intellectual and social approach that shall lead them towards the ultimate success.

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Tarbiyah Islamic School System

Salient Features... learners will enjoy

Exclusive Learning Approach
We adopt the approach that nourishes the learner's mind from very beginning. Instead of enforcing anything,
we believe in moulding them with love and sympathy. The process of learning may be slow but it's beneficial
in the long term as slow and steady wins the race.

Knowledge-oriented events
Time to time we arrange events that are knowledge-oriented for learners. Learners are involved in co-
curricular activities and in parallel they get practical knowledge of the concerned topic.

Ethical values and meaningfulness
We believe that meaningful activities must be offer to learners from the very early age. For this purpose, we create environment enlightened with meaningful activities that help learners to see things in a real and purposeful perspective. We also try our best to incorporate ethical values during the regular learning process.

Experienced teachers
To ensure the quality of education for the learners, we have experienced and trained teachers. They know how to teach little growing minds with fun and activities and inculcate positivity in them.

Ratio of max. 12 learners per teacher in Pre-School
Our teacher to learner ratio is 12 learners per teacher. If in case class strength is increased, we add teacher
in the class accordingly. This is to make sure all our learners get sufficient attention and their teachers know
them individually.

Affordable fee structure
We have an affordable fee structure which is flexible for breakups in installments as well. The fee structure is
designed with the vision "education for all" and every child will get excellent learning opportunities for what you are paying

Educational field trips
To observe and experience from the environment, we arrange field trips on frequent basis for young learners.
These field trips are primarily for learning and secondarily for the exposure.

Regular food awareness day
We know children run away from food. At food awareness day, we select one or more food item per event
and give presentation to learners about the origin, types, and nutritional facts of that food. Learners also enjoy
the food while learning about it and tempt to eat balanced diet.

Attractive thematic environment
Our environment is colorful and theme-based which learners find very attractive. Our campus is decorated by
expert decorators who know what the little minds like. This makes TARBIYAH a place where children love
to come.

Arts and crafts activities
To get the learners involved in creative activities, we have arts and crafts facilities at the campus. For arts and
crafts activities, we have canvas, colors, brushes etc. that learners use to make drawing, paintings and other art
related objects.

Library with diversified range of books
In addition to course related books, we have a good collection of books equipped with other story books, informational books etc. A comfortable reading opportunity offers to the learners as per his convenience. This activity helps learners make friendship with books in their early age and enhance reading habits.

"Fun to Learn" play area
Our play area has some of the exclusive educational toys and gadgets for the learners to play with. These toys
give information and education as well as fun in a very congenial way.

Sports activities
For the physical fitness of the learners, we arrange different sports activities on frequent basis and encourage
learners to keep their physical health in good shape. Sports activities at our school are Taekwondo, Football,
Tennis and Basketball.

Audio visual facilities
We have state-of-the-art audio visual facilities for enhanced interactive learning and delivering presentations
using large screen projector for better exposure.

CCTV Camera monitoring
Safety of our learners and safety of our staff is our topmost priority. Our campus is monitored with CCTV
camera 24x7 to avoid any security breach or criminal activity.

Backup Generator
Our campus is facilitated with a backup generator so as to get electric power during power failures or load

Exclusive Learning approach
Knowledge-oriented events
Affordable fee structure
Arts and crafts activities
Attractive thematic environment
Sports activities
Audio visual facilities

Session End, Commencement of New Session, Waiving Fee for the month of June 2020 and Distance Learning Details As per the government directives, The School premises will remain unavailable for the learners until any further notification. Therefore, to engage learners with meaningful activities at home, The School has prepared an engaging book for them to ignite their creativity and excel their learning desire, along with details related to Session End, Commencement of New Session and Distance Learning. To honour the Social Responsibility, TARBIYAH has initiated to unconditionally waive the fee for the month of June, 2020 for everyone. To pick up the Book and the details, kindly contact the School between 09:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, to confirm the timings for the collection.  You can learn more by clicking on https://bit.ly/3d1il9p . We pray that, may the Almighty Allah help us to face the current challenges to keep us safe, healthier and hopeful.

Summer Vacation 2020 As per the announcement by Government of Sindh, the School will remain closed, due to the health threat for our children and will be taken in, on account of Summer Vacation that is scheduled to take place from March 16, 2020 to May 30, 2020. As soon as additional details for the current and next Academic Sessions will be announced by the Education Department, the School will update you with the further updates as per the Government guidelines.

"Education For All" Limited time admission Offer We are offering an attractive fee structure for a limited time. To find out more, visit the campus.

Admission office timing The admission office timings are 09:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. If you are willing to get your child admitted at TARBIYAH Pre-school should act proactively and visit admission office.For any admission query the mother and the child has to come along. Saturday is Appointment Only for admission queries.

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